Beaver Dominates Greater Allegheny

Tara with the ball.
Tara with the ball.

White Oak, PA -- Beaver Dominates Greater Allegheny

By: Chris Rotondo

The Beaver women's basketball team went on the road Monday, taking on Penn State Greater Allegheny. Beaver dominated the conference game, defeating Greater Allegheny 88-41, while senior Brittany Jackson celebrated her 1,000th career goal.

From the beginning, Beaver had control of the game. They earned the first 12 points of the game, starting with a 3-point jump shot from senior Roxy Kie. Greater Allegheny didn't make it onto the scoreboard until halfway through the quarter, as they struggled to hold onto the ball. While Greater Allegheny slowly built their way up on the clock, Beaver still led by nearly double the points. 

As the second quarter started, Beaver was up 18-11. Any hope that Greater Allegheny may have had to tie the game quickly washed away, as they didn't score at all until the final 3 minutes of the quarter. Beaver had a tremendous quarter, with Kie delivering a pair of 3-pointers, while Jackson and freshman Diamond Thomas led in jump shots. After a jump shot from sophomore Rachael Cummings, Beaver was an entire 28 points ahead. By the half, Beaver was ahead by 21 points.

The second half proved to be even better than the first for Beaver, as they outshot their opponent by double the amount. Greater Allegheny had even more trouble trying to maintain the ball, while Beaver was easily moving past their defense. Thomas, Kie and sophomore Tara McFadden effortlessly scored one by one, but it was Jackson who shined, making her long-awaited 1,000th  goal with the Lady Lions. 

Even in the final moments of the game, Beaver continued to make their talent seem simple. With five minutes left in the game, Jackson made a jump shot that put Beaver ahead by an astonishing 40 points. A 3-pointer from freshman Julia Sabbio later put them 44 points ahead. Even in the final minutes when it was clear who would win, Beaver still worked effortlessly to build their score. The team won by 47 points, with a score of 88-41.

The team is now 10-12 in their overall season and 9-3 in their conference matchups. They will return home this weekend for their final two games of the season, starting with Worthington Scranton on Friday.