Beaver Defeated in Close Game Against Carlow

Libby driving with the ball
Libby driving with the ball

Monaca, PA -- Beaver Defeated in Close Game Against Carlow

By: Chris Rotondo

The Beaver women's basketball team returned home Tuesday night as they took on Carlow University. Beaver came very close to a win with an impressive comeback, but Carlow narrowly took the edge, winning the game 44-42.

The first quarter of the game started with Carlow gaining an early lead, as they gained 4 points in the opening minutes. Junior Ally Rudolph made the first layup for Beaver and would go on to be one of the top scorers for Beaver. The team struggled with possession of the ball in this opening quarter, while their attempts at shots were often missed. Senior Brittany Jackson led the team in field goals both in this quarter and throughout the game.

As the second quarter started, Beaver was down 15-9. Recognizing that they needed to up their game, Beaver suddenly gained a burst of energy. Carlow had possession of the ball early on in the half, but Beaver suddenly began to use their possesion of the ball to positive results. Layups from sophomore Cheyenne Lopez and freshman Diamond Thomas helped to move the team closer to their opponent. A 3-point jump shot from freshman Libby Thomas suddenly brought the team 1 point ahead of Carlow. A last minute jump shot from Carlow suddenly put Beaver behind from just one point, as Carlow led 21-20.

The third quarter didn't fare as well for Beaver. While both teams worked to keep the ball away from one another, it was Carlow who used possession of the ball to their advantage. The only goal from Beaver in this quarter came from Rudolph, who made a 3-pointer that briefly tied the game at 23. 

With the final quarter underway, Beaver was down by 8. Much like the second quarter, they suddenly had a burst of energy, outshooting Carlow once again. With under 4 minutes to go, Rudolph made a 3-pointer that tied the game at 37. Seconds later, after successfully stealing the ball, Thomas made a free throw that put the team slightly ahead. Both teams went back and forth in trying to maintain a lead, but Carlow pushed ahead thanks to a few free throws. Beaver would lose the game 44-42.

The team is now 5-12 in their overall season. They will return to the court this weekend for a pair of conference matches during Spirit Weekend, starting with a Friday night game against Penn State York.