Beaver Goes 2-0 Against Greater Allegheny

Jess Hughes gets an out.
Jess Hughes gets an out.

Monaca, PA -- Beaver Goes 2-0 Against Greater Allegheny

By: Chris Rotondo

The Beaver Lady Lions faced off at home Saturday afternoon against Penn State Greater Allegheny in their second double-header against the team in 2 days. Once again, Beaver went 2-0 for the day.

Game 1 started with Beaver maintaining an early lead, gaining 3 runs at the top of the first. Vanessa Jackson landed a single RBI, with Tara McFadden running home. Brittany Zahn also singled on an RBI, with Dina Cable running home. Kayla Campbell hit out to left field with an RBI, giving Beaver an early 3-0 lead.

After a scoreless second, Beaver entered the top of the third with Jess Hughes landing a homer and 2 RBIs, her second over the last 2 days. They made 4 additional runs at the top of the fourth, as Cable hit out of left field with an RBI, as Carley Schroeder ran home. Vanessa Jackson doubled with an RBI. Zahn singled out at left field with 2 RBIs, as Jackson and Hughes each ran to home. At the top of the fifth, Cable singled with 2 RBIs, as Schroeder and Brittany Garza each ran home. The game ended in 5 innings after Greater Allegheny failed to make any runs, resulting in an 11-0 win for Beaver.


Game 2 showed both teams fighting to come out ahead. After a scoreless first, Greater Allegheny came into the bottom of the second gaining 3 runs. The third and fourth also remained scoreless, but Beaver found their mojo at the top of the fifth, gaining 5 runs. Jackson reached first base on a short stop error, gaining an RBI. Later, Brenna Cepull doubled with 2 RBIs, as Hughes and Katie Valiga each ran home. Campbell singled with an RBI, and Schroeder singled with a bunt, gaining an RBI. At the top of the sixth, Zahn doubled with an RBI. After a slow start, Beaver took game 2 with a 6-3 score.

The team is now 15-11 overall and 8-4 in their conference matches. They will return home on Tuesday afternoon for a conference double header against Penn State Fayette.