Beaver Wins in Virginia

Beaver Wins in Virginia

Front Royal, VA -- Beaver Travels to Virginia to Defeat Christendom College 

By: Chris Rotondo

The Beaver Lady Lions traveled to Virginia Wednesday afternoon to take on Christendom College in their first PSUAC conference double header of the season. Game 1 ended after 5 innings with a 11-1 win, while game 2 gave Beaver a 17-10 win in what served as their first games since March 18th. 

The first game proved that Beaver was an unstoppable force, as they went on the board early, gaining a tremendous lead. The top of the first showed Kayla Cambell doubling with 2 RBIs, later scoring on a passed ball. Carley Schroeder singled an RBI, giving the team a 4-0 lead at the top of the first.

After a scoreless second inning, Beaver swept the third. Vanessa Jackson walked an RBI, with Schroeder scoring. Cambell then returned at bat to double with 2 RBIs, while Brittany Garza scored at home. Soon after, Brittany Zahn singled with 2 RBIs, giving Beaver a 9-1 lead at the top of the third.

By the top of the fourth, Jess Hughes grounded out to 3b with an RBI, as Garza scored. Cambell then singled with an RBI, as Dina Cable scored. A scoreless fifth ended the game due to the mercy rule, with Beaver winning 11-1.


Game 2 also proved victorious for Beaver, but not without some challenges. The first two innings showed Beaver struggling to get on the board, as Christendom gained an 8 point lead by the bottom of the second. At the top of the third, the team got their mojo back. Jackson walked with an RBI as Katie Valiga scored. This was followed by Hughes, who hit a ball out to center field, gaining an RBI as Tara McFadden ran to home. Then, Cambell scored with 2 RBIs, as Cable ran to home. In the top of the fourth, McFadden singled an RBI, with Brenna Cepull scoring. Shortly after that, McFadden scored as Cable singled an RBI.

By the top of the fifth, Christendom led 9-7, but that would quickly change. Natalie Larkin scored as Zahn doubled with an RBI. Cambell scored soon after, as Schroeder made an RBI. The team continued to roll, as Zahn scored on a wild pitch, tieing the game at 9. Jackson went on to single, with 2 RBIs, as both Cable and McFadden made it back to home. 

By the top of the sixth, Beaver was leading 13-9, and their lead only grew. Both Jackson and Hughes walked with an RBI. In the seventh, Garza grounded out to 2b with an RBI and Cepull scored. This gave Beaver a 17-10 victory over Christendom.

The team is now tied at 7 in their season and is 2-0 in their PSUAC conference wins. They will travel to Penn State Fayette Thursday afternoon for a conference double header.