Beaver drops the ball against Brandywine

Danylo kicking.
Danylo kicking.

By: Matylda Zamudio

New Brighton, Pa. -- The Penn State Beaver men's soccer team hosted Penn State Brandywine on Saturday evening, for the team's second conference match of the season. The men are on a two-game winning streak, the last of which landed them their first conference win. The men have performed well in recent games and aim to add on another conference against Brandywine.

As the game clock began, the men staggered to get into field position and allowed Brandywine to run the ball straight down to Beaver's net. Only 40 seconds in, Brandywine launched the ball straight past goalie Samuel Sharpless and taking an early 1-0 over Beaver. The teams played physical and calls were given left and right on both teams. Beaver became agitated and ran into trouble by receiving four yellow cards in the next 24 minutes of the game. Brandywine exploited the opportunity and scored another goal 24 seconds later. While the team took ample shots at Brandywine's net, nothing connected, and Beaver ended the first half with a two-goal deficit.

Beaver faced an identical first-minute performance from Brandywine in the second set, where the victors once again scored an early goal, widening their lead over Beaver (0-3). In the following eight minutes, Shelton Hilliard grabs possession of the ball and ran it down to Brandywine's 18-yard line. Although Hilliard shot two balls, both were too high and deflated the team's energy in the next possession, allowing Brandywine to take the ball right back down to Beaver's net. Sharpless drove for the ball, but missed, racking up another goal for Brandywine.  As time ran down on the second half, Brandywine dominated the backfield and went on to score another two goals to end the game and hand Beaver a 0-6 loss for the day.

After Saturday's loss, the men's soccer team is at 1-1 in the conference standings. The men will return for battle on Sunday, Sept. 23, where they will host Penn State Scranton for their third conference match of the week. The game starts at 2 p.m.