Lady Lions Fall Short Against Mercyhurst

Alexis serves the ball.
Alexis serves the ball.

Monaca, PA -- Lady Lions Fall Short Against Mercyhurst

By: Chris Rotondo

Penn State Beaver's Lady Lions faced off against Mercyhurst North East's Saints Tuesday night, falling 3-1 to their opponents.

Beaver dominated the first set, quickly distancing themselves on the scoreboard from their opponents. Beaver won the first set 25-13 in their only set win of the night. Senior Jenna Petrucci had 3 kills and 3 attempts in the set.

In the second set, however, Mercyhurst struck back with an early scoreboard advantage against Beaver. Beaver kept both the second and third sets close, tying Mercyhurst at 21 points in both sets. However, Mercyhurst came out on top, winning both the 2nd and 3rd sets 23-25.

In the fourth set, Beaver continued to keep their defense up, but they were not able to get past Mercyhurst's quick precision on the court. Beaver again found a couple of opportunities to even the score, but they were not able to come out on top. Despite 7 kills and 49 takeaways in the set, Beaver lost 22-25, losing the match 3-1.

Sophomores Alexis Albrecht and Brooke Tomasko were quick and powerful in their defense, as well as with their serves. Both Tomasko and sophomore Amanda Mike each had 8 kills and 37 takeaways in the match.

The Lady Lions will travel next to Penn State Fayette on Thursday for a 7:00 p.m. PSUAC conference match.