Beaver Ends Regular Season Defeating Wilkes-Barre

Tara with the ball.
Tara with the ball.

Monaca, PA -- Beaver Ends Regular Season Defeating Wilkes-Barre

By: Chris Rotondo

The Beaver women's team ended their regular season Saturday afternoon with a win against Penn State Wilkes-Barre. Beaver dominated throughout this conference match, defeating Wilkes-Barre 74-40.

From the start of the game, Beaver gained an early 6 point lead, starting with an immediate layup from senior Roxy Kie. Wilkes-Barre took an early time-out, giving Beaver the determination needed to build a wider lead. Both teams moved fast in the quarter, but Beaver was far more successful in successful shots on goal.

As the second quarter started, Beaver was ahead 20-9. Both teams continued to move with intensity, keeping their opponents from scoring. After a lull in the action, sophomore Cheyenne Lopez made a 3-point jump shot, bringing Beaver ahead by 14. That was soon followed by 3-pointers from Kie and junior Ally Rudolph, bringing an even wider lead.

By the start of the third quarter, Beaver was ahead 37-14. Beaver's lead only continued to grow, as freshman Diamond Thomas led in layups made. A jump shot from sophomore Tara McFadden put the team ahead by 25 points. The quarter ended with a 3-pointer from freshman Libby Thomas, putting the team ahead by nearly 30 points.

By the fourth quarter, it was clear that Beaver had this game in their hands. They still pushed to keep the ball away from their net and out of the hands of Wilkes-Barre. Even in the final minutes, the team continued to use the 3-point line to their advantage, as freshman Julia Sabbio made a pair of 3-point shots. Beaver successfully pushed to end their regular season with a 74-40 win.

Beaver ends their regular season with a 12-12 overall score and an 11-3 in their conference matchups. They will advance to the PSUAC playoffs, playing at home Wednesday night, opponent TBD.