Beaver Defeats Fayette On The Road

Brittany with the ball.
Brittany with the ball.

Lemont Furnace, PA -- Beaver Defeats Fayette On The Road

By: Chris Rotondo

The Beaver women's team went on the road Saturday to take on conference rivals Penn State Fayette. The team dominated the game, defeating Fayette 96-58.

As the game started, both teams were determined to gain an early lead. Senior Brittany Jackson scored the first points of the game with a layup, which Fayette followed up with a 3-point jump shot. It wasn't long before sophomore Cheyenne Lopez also made a 3-point jump shot, tieing the game at 5. From there, the game went in Beaver's favor, as freshman Diamond Thomas gave the team 6 points within a few minutes. Fayette struggled to put many points on the board, as Beaver swept past them, leading 19-12 at the end of the first.

The second quarter was even better for Beaver, as they outshot Fayette by 20 points. Fayette looked unorganized as they attempted to move the ball, while Beaver worked together to deliver successful shots on goal. Junior Ally Rudolph made a layup and a 3-pointer, while freshman Kayla Cambell made 3 layups within a minute. A layup and jump shot from freshman Julia Sabbio put Beaver ahead by 27 points at the half.

With the start of the third quarter, Beaver was up 45-18. That lead continued to grow, as Beaver continued to outshoot their opponent. Fayette did manage to do better in the second half of the game, though they still could not get past Beaver. By this point in the game, Beaver held a considerable lead, making it nearly impossible for Fayette to defeat.

By the fourth quarter, Beaver was up 68-37, nearly double the score of their opponent. By this point, Fayette was going through the motions as Beaver continued to dominate on the board. Jackson made a pair of jump shots early on that continued to build the team's lead. Even in the final minute, Beaver was still delivering, as sophomore Tara McFadden made a layup, followed by a final 3-pointer from Sabbio. With that, Beaver won the game 96-58.

The team is now 9-12 in their overall season and 8-3 in their PSUAC conference matchups. They will head back out on the road Monday as they take on Penn State Greater Allegheny.