Beaver Rolls Past Fayette

Tara passes the ball to Brittany.
Tara passes the ball to Brittany.

Monaca, PA -- Beaver Rolls Past Fayette in Conference Match

By: Chris Rotondo

Penn State Beaver's Lady Lions faced off at home Friday night against Penn State Fayette. The game, which Beaver won 76-52, was the team's latest PSUAC matchoff.

From the first quarter, the game was in Beaver's favor as senior Brittany Jackson made the first basket of the night with a layup. Early 3-point layups from senior Roxy Kie and sophomore Cheyenne Lopez gave Beaver an early 6 point advantage against Fayette. That lead grew even further as the team lead 20-7 with 4 minutes left in the quarter. Despite a couple of missed shots near the end of the quarter, Beaver ended the first with a 23-12 lead.

The second quarter showed Beaver working to grow their lead even further. Fayette opened the quarter with a 3-pointer, but Beaver soon came back with a few extra points, leading by 13 points with about 6 minutes left in the quarter. Fayette's defense had trouble getting the ball to their basket, while Beaver continued to dominate. After a 3-pointer by Kie, the second half ended with Beaver leading 39-25.

In the third quarter, Beaver showed that they were just as powerful on defense, as they continued to steal the ball from their opponent. After a layup by sophomore Rachael Cummings, Beaver gained a 22 point lead. Beaver continued to steal the ball from the unfocused Fayette team, leading 61-37 at the end of the third.

As the game entered its final quarter, it was clear that the game was in Beaver's favor. They continued to gain control of the ball, while their opponent struggled to do anything with it. Fayette had a brief streak of successful layups and free throws, but that energy quickly went back to Beaver as they gained possession of the ball. Beaver did win the game at 76-52.

The team now has a 4-6 overall record and a 4-1 conference record. They will go on the road Saturday, December 16 as they face off against Geneva.