Beaver Falls to U of Maine - Fort Kent

Dominique moves the ball.
Dominique moves the ball.

Monaca, PA -- Beaver Falls to U of Maine - Fort Kent

By: Chris Rotondo

Beaver took on the University of Maine - Fort Kent in their first home of 2018. The team fell short in the final minutes, as Fort Kent won 58-53.

As the game began, Beaver went onto the court with a ferocity that helped them to gain an early 8 point lead in the first few minutes. Even as Fort Kent began to gain points on the board, Beaver kept playing in a strategic manner. Senior DJ Austin and sophomore Dominique Stevenson helped to lead the team in layups throughout the half. Senior Eric Gallupe also gained control of the ball, making a 3-point jump shot in the final minutes of the half. As the half ended, Beaver led by 2 points, with a 25-23 score.

In the second half, however, things changed for the team. Despite ferocious control of the ball, Fort Kent made some steals that helped them to gain the lead. Beaver worked to keep a tied game in the first few minutes of the half, but Fort Kent soon surpassed them. A pair of free throws from Gallupe briefly put Beaver 1 point ahead, but their opponent soon gained control of the game again. Beaver came close to tieing the game in the final minutes, but a 3-pointer from Fort Kent sealed the game. Despite a layup from Gallupe in the final seconds of the game, Fort Kent came out victorious with a 58-53 score.

Beaver is now 4-10 in their overall season. They will head out on the road on Friday, Jan. 19 when they travel to Penn State Brandywine for a conference match.