Beaver comes up short against Du Bois

Dominique passes the ball.
Dominique passes the ball.

Du Bois, PA -- Beaver comes up short against Du Bois 

By: Chris Rotondo 

The men's basketball team traveled to Penn State Du Bois Tuesday as they were defeated 81-70 in the conference match. 

As the first half started, Du Bois gained a 3 point lead, but Beaver quickly pushed ahead with a jump shot by sophomore John Foster. About a minute later, senior DJ Austin made both a 2-point and 3-point jump shot, giving Beaver a 10-4 lead. Du Bois, however, soon gained a 2-point lead, as Beaver fought to stay ahead. Foster once again brought his team ahead, this time by a 3 point lead. Du Bois tied the game once again and eventually pushed ahead, leaving Beaver trailing 37-34 at the half. 

In the second half, Austin once again made a 3-point jump shot, tieing the game, but Du Bois continued to push ahead. Sophomore Dominique Stevenson soon made a 3-pointer, again pushing the team ahead by 1 point. Du Bois soon came back once again, but this time, Beaver struggled to push ahead of their opponent. As Du Bois continued to move up on the scoreboard, Beaver continued to struggle to gain possession of the ball. The game ended with Beaver falling 81-70. 

The team is now 2-7 in their season so far and 1-3 in the PSUAC conference. They will return home Friday to face off against Penn State Fayette in another conference match.