Men's Basketball falls at Schuylkill

Men's Basketball falls at Schuylkill

Sch. Haven, PA -- Men's Basketball falls at Schuylkill 

By: Chris Rotondo 

Continuing their weekend on the road, the men's basketball team faced off against Penn State Schuylkill Saturday in another PSUAC conference match. The team was defeated 79-71. 

The first half started with Schuylkill quickly making their way on the scoreboard, with a 6-0 lead within the first few minutes. Sophomores John Foster and Dominique Stevenson each made jump shots, placing Beaver on the board. Senior Eric Gallupe made a 3-point jump shot early on, as Beaver trailed 10-9, but Hazelton quickly came back with a 3-pointer of their own. Soon after, Foster made a 3-pointer, giving Beaver a 14-13 lead. Additional jump shots and a free throw by freshman Andrew Brady brought Beaver in the lead 19-15. As Schuylkill tried to come back, Beaver remained 4 points ahead from their opponent. As Beaver lead by 5 points, Schuylkill began to come back, trailing Beaver by 1. 3-point jump shots made by Foster helped to keep Beaver in the lead, but Schuylkill quickly came back at the end with a few 3-pointers of their own. The first half ended with a tie of 33-33. 

As the second half began, both teams aggressively tried to get ahead, but it was Beaver who continued to roll ahead as Foster made more 3-pointers. Just as Beaver was ahead by 3, Schuylkill began to come back, quickly building a lead as they made jump shots and 3-pointers. From there on, Beaver struggled to get ahead of their opponent. As Beaver started to miss their shots, Schuylkill moved to build a greater lead from their opponent. In the final minutes, Beaver finally landed ahead of their opponent by 3 points thanks to a jump shot by Gallupe, but Schuylkill once again went two steps ahead, defeating Beaver in the final seconds with a score of 79-71. 

Beaver is now 2-6 in their season and are 1-2 in the PSUAC conference. They will head on the road again Tuesday to face Penn State Du Bois in another conference match.